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About Bovidix

   Bovidix provides wide arrangement of top quality hand tools. All tools under the brand name Bovidix are of industrial grade and designed to be reliable and have style.

Focus on quality

   Bovidix tools are made with a final goal in mind. Each tool is made to perform to a specification and even beyond to ensure consistent results and increased lifespan. Bovidix selects materials of the highest quality and the most skillful labor to produce tools that will always stand out from the crowd. In order to assure accessibility of our tools, we hand pick the most prominent manufacturers in Taiwan and constantly monitor and improve manufacturing standards.

Constant innovation

   Bovidix was founded on realization of creative ideas. Improving existing practices to make the work easier and more comfortable is one of the main aspects of our work. Innovation helps Bovidix to stay ahead of the competition and win the affection of our customers.