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Slide Hammer Set,

Slide Hammer Set,

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Sliding hammer puller works by pulling off the gear through the inertia of the hammer hitting the ball at the end of the bar. Different attachments allow for various projects to be completed with just one set. Fine thread on the screw will not let the thread to weaken and will last for a long time.

Cone is used to fasten the jaws on the gear.
External and Internal 2-3 jaw puller allows removal of gears with outside or inside pulls. Internal pulls are necessary when gear is located in a hard to reach ares.
Grip wrench adaptor allows for attachment of the grip wrench to the slide hammer
Puller hook removes of the bearings and oil seals
Rear Axle puller allows removal of the flung type axle from most of the cars
Dent Puller - pules out all of the hard to reach dents in auto body jobs

Content: Bar €“ 23€?, Hammer - 2-1/2" 4lbs, Axle puller, Grip wrench adaptor, Hook, 2-jaw head bar, 3-jaw head bar, Cone, 3 Reversible Jaws, Screw (Dent Puller), Nuts & bolts to fasten jaws | Weight = 9.26 lbs

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